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Guangzhou GBS High-Tech & Industry Co., Ltd. (GBS) has been in fumed inorganic powder area for 15 years , is the biggest supplier of fumed silica and fumed alumina in China. GBS is participating in developing ISO 18473-3 and is the drafter of Chinese National Standard GB/T20020 and 13th Five-Year Plan of china’s organosilicone industry. It is high purity nano silica with primary particle size from 7 to 40nm and surface area among 70 - 400 m2/g.The products are divided into hydrophobic silica and hydropilic silica.Detail
组角胶 结构胶
PU-102单组份聚氨酯胶黏剂 红木等专用
PU-109单组份聚氨酯胶黏剂 红木等专用
PU-106 单组份聚氨酯胶黏剂 红木等专用
One Componont Polyurethane adhesive
环氧胶黏剂:木工 玻璃 石材 金属
Epoxy adhesive
Two Componont Polyurethane Adhesive PU201A/B
Two Component Polyurethane Adhesive PU203
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